I compose both acoustic music and electronic music, especially for the electric guitar with digital processing. Most recently, I finished writing a piece for 10-string classical guitar that Julian Bertino will perform at his Master’s recital in the spring. I am also working on some new loop-based music for solo electric guitar and live electronics and should have some new chamber music performed soon.

Some highlights:

Dissociation, an octatonic fugue for classical guitar (newest recording):

Ripples and Refractions, a two-piece EP for solo electric guitar with real-time looping and processing, on the melodic side, available for purchase via Bandcamp. I played “Locks and Ripples” at the Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium in August.:

Diminished but Returning, for string quartet (performed by Madawaska String Quartet, 2006):

Eight in Five, a fugue for piano (perf. Chris Goddard and Penny Johnson)

The Anger Loop, for soprano (perf. Sarah Albu)

Three movements from my 2011 dissertation –
“Tension and Extension”, for prepared electric guitar (with no processing),
“Three of Jacks”, a digital piece created with classical guitar samples,
“Send Me a Signal”, for live solo electric guitar with signal processing:

Microtonal synthesizer drone piece from 2000:

Turning Untrustworthy, a miniature for piano (perf. Julia den Boer)